Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Snow, snow and more snow

Neill's photos make it clear why we are not flying. It is likely to take a full week for the airfield to dry out. That gives me plenty of study time. My Nav is improving and I am getting my head around Met, which is not nearly as daunting as I feared. In fact, I think I am developing a keen interest in both.

I got a couple of books from the town library, including one by Brian Cosgrove, himself and a very readable celebration of clouds, The Cloudspotter's Guide, by Gavin Pretor-Pinney. I also have a kids' Eyewitness Guide to weather, which my school's library was chucking out, which has some invaluable 3D models of weather fronts and which, co-incidentally, was also written by Brian Cosgrove, who for those not into microlighting, is the author of the microlighters' bible, the Microlight Pilot's Handbook. I have just ordered my own, second hand copies of the library books on Amazon. Both, including postage come to less that £8.

Did you know that the average
cumulus cloud holds water equal to the weight of
80 elephants!

a model of a cold front, from the ex-school book

Note to self: Design skis for Dragonfly for next winter



Aviatrix said...

I love the bit about the elephants.

Tinworm said...

Thanks Aviatrix. What brought you to my blog? You are in Canada, I see. That makes you a different Aviatrix to my Gatwick friend, I presume?