Sunday, 11 April 2010

This may be the solution to my rigging problems; it worked for me in the past at Rougham. It is how Ben Ashman originally intended the wing to be rigged - before the panels were designed, necessitating a means of rigging without removing them. It is how earlier trikes were always rigged, with the two split tubes originally being seat stays and therefore wider apart. I like the method because it is more stable.

But it does mean that putting panels on afterwards is a hassle. Steve Wilson will laugh at this bit because he has been saying all along that the panels are a waste of effort. But I am thinking beyond this, because it seems to me that a seat could be made to articulate to accommodate the break and fold....and the panels could be made to clip to some kind of framework near the seat. The rear side panels might need to be re-shaped at the back to accommodate any parts of the engine moving this bit of redesign could mean making two new sides of my own design, accommodating a hull inspection hole/ storage compartment like Steve's.

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