Saturday, 10 April 2010

Superb day

Yesterday was superb...a mixture of fantastic flying and club atmosphere like I have never known before. After helping Renate rig her trike and then rigging my own, Peter Millbank showed up with his son, Geoff and Geoff's partner, Sue, and Peter's grandson, Felix, and I was invited to join them for lunch, a splendid repast which we enjoyed on the picnic table outside the clubhouse in T-shirt weather. Glorious.

I flew in short bursts, having not actually planned any routes, so that I spent the time just bimbling around near Sutton Meadows. Initially it was bumpy and hard to get down from circuit height because we were landing on 28 and I don't feel comfortable being on finals across the Washes, so was cutting it short; I suppose because I was at 600' on the other side of the water when I had that engine failure and am a bit nervous of a repeat. But I guess I just need to build confidence again.

Later the wind veered and I opted, non-radio (so that it was potentially a bit hairy), to land on 01, as it was then blowing Northerly, according to the sock, but I saw Peter land on 28 with a strong cross wind, which forced me to delay my approach at the last minute; Renate says "Peter doesn't believe in wind-socks".

All told I did about an hour and a quarter in shortish bursts punctuated by pleasant chats with folk around the field and with Felix, who is that unusual breed, a boy who isn't afraid to be sociable with adults and is uncynically enthusiastic. Being around kids is a busman's holiday and can be wearing when they are boorish and sullen, so Felix was a breath of fresh air. He is being encouraged by his grandfather to join the air cadets, which is a very good idea. I wish I had been encouraged to fly when I was his age.


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