Thursday, 1 April 2010

May sell Dragonfly

I am CONSIDERING selling my Dragonfly and converting to 3-axis. I have been looking at prices on eBay and AFORS and I'd easily afford something simple with what I would get for my sought-after Dragonfly, with enough left over to do a conversion. Just a thought at the moment, but I have a hankering to try stick and rudder flying.

Neill has said he will assess me this holiday if we can get half an hour between rainshowers.
We will be flying an AX2000 Hks like this one.

That said, while looking through my pics for an AX2000 to put up here I saw shots of my Dragonfly and thought, "You can't seriously want to sell her?!" and I now I think I would find it too much of a wrench.

I want to have my cake and eat it.

Maybe I should keep the Dragonfly and try to get one of those 2 grand-ish bargains? But, I am open to suggestions.


gjr said...

try syndicate with right group best of both worlds keep dragonfly and have brill three axis to play with

Tinworm said...

Not a bad idea, gjr

Who are you? Flattering to think I have an unknown readership

gjr said...

we have spoken before last year but because of family illness been off the circuit ( forgive the pun) I am in syndicate for a CT SW although not been active because of above.

I am hoping to get back into the swing this year, have gone solo passed my RT etc . I want to convert to flexi so maybe get share in Quik R or get own dragonfly ( subject to cash ) but keep interest in CT so will have the best of both worlds.

Tinworm said...

:) I am thinking of converting the other way. In fact, I flew a Tiger Moth today so am even thinking that I may do a GA conversion further along the line and fly heavier stuff too.

My former instructor, Neill Howarth and I flew in the back of a Dragon Rapide at Duxford today too, so quite a day!

YOu may be right, syndicating may be the way to go. Did think on the way back from Duxford, that I might sell have the DRagonfly to enable me to do both flex and fixed wing.

Well done with your progress!