Thursday, 8 April 2010

Flying on wheels

On the way over to Sutton Meadows to collect my battery (to make sure I have a full charge for tomorrow) I waved to the folk living in the encampment just after Peter Robinson's house, along the horrendously rutted track and they waved back from their barn...and on a whim I thought I'd stop and say hi. Glad I did. I met Phil and his kids and their incredibly impressive woodworking business.

Phil is reputedly one of only 4 wheelwright / wainwrights still using traditional woodworking skills in England and he is descended from line of them, with a hope that his oldest daughter will follow him into it too.

I was shown the wagon they are currently working on, fine wood carving, harps and most interesting of all, Phil designs and makes fine quality luges...and has his own race crew, the Fenland Downhill Crew. You have to check out their looks very exciting and something I have to try! Phil and his mates have been into skateboarding since the 70s.

Here's their website

I liked Phil. He is a skilled and creative bloke, but what I admire most is his passion for what he does, and with me thinking of designing a wood monocoque trike, someone who understands wood is good to know.

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