Friday, 2 April 2010


I am beginning to think I think about flying more than sex, now! This weather-imposed celibacy is killing me and I find myself scouring the net for plane-porn, like afors, which I have been poring over this evening. It is livid with gorgeous and temptingly cheap aeroplanes that I covet with a passion!

There is a Pietenpol Aircamper (high wing monoplane) for under 13K, the Taylor monoplane for under 9 and this lovely old Spatz for under a grand, trailer included! - almost thinking of taking up gliding..and have even approached the seller, though it has probably sold by now.

Lots of Group A planes are cheaper than microlights! Makes me wish I was a group A pilot sometimes. Especially as older Group As have a mythology and romance which most microlights don't.

I was talking to Lizzie about the fact that the idea of the Chipmunk experience didn't particularly do it for her and we concluded that for microlighters, what matters is flying rather than aeroplanes. Lots of microlighters know nothing about old aeroplanes and are not bitten by the Spitfire obsession, other warbirds or old civil types......they just want to fly.

I love both the purity of flight which I believe that only open air microlighters and hang glider pilots can experience, but am also in love with vintage "A" machines and the ready availablity of unbelievably cheap ones is driving me mad with desire!

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