Monday, 11 April 2011

twilight flight

Just before sunset this evening, I went up for a half hour bimble. I had watched the weather numbers all day and was surprised when I turned off my car engine and got out, to discover that far from there being the 7mph of wind forecast, the air was perfectly still.

My engine idle is very much improved, though I am still rather tentative about backing off the revs that far in flight; fearful that it will die and not re-start. That is another area for confidence-building. When I switched off it was idling at about 3,200.....a little high, but better that that considerably lower and more vibey at 2,500.

Got home tonight to find that tomorrow's horror story of high winds has been rewritten with a pre-mid day calm, so I am going up again in the morning, though this time I will not be airborn before 0830!

That means a lie-in until about 7a.m.

I am on a roll!


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