Sunday, 17 April 2011

Going to sell! (buy it before I change my mind, please!)

I know we all take the mick out of hotships, but they have their advantages, and to be perfectly frank, I am finding myself increasingly seduced by some of them. For instance, my jaunt to the Orwell Bridge the other day felt like an expedition, but was only twenty or so miles, and while I am a lover of bimbling, I do sometimes wish I could keep up with Craig, Doug and Sam and cover their great distances.

My girlfriend keeps saying I should sell, and that if I don't I will never be able to afford to do three axis, which is also on the cards, so I think I have finally got there. I am going to ask Paul Bailey to service G-KK because I am having problems with its carburetter,which cause it to stop over the Orwell, then put her on the market. There is bound to be lots of interest. I should be able to get what I paid for her, at least, especially as she now has some higher spec kit on her.

But, dammit, I hope I can do this before I change my mind!

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