Sunday, 24 April 2011

methodical fuel consumption calculations

I forgot to mention. I wanted to work out how much fuel I use, accurately. So I calibrated my tank by emptying it, then pouring in a half litre at a time and marking it off.

On my last run before packing it up to go to Bailey's, 15 mins running (including run-up, taxi each way -quite a long taxi-, take off and landing) took 1/2 a litre, which equates to 2 litres per hour.
Much of that time I will have been doing about 4-5,000 revs (running on grass), whereas in the air I generally hold my height by flying at about 6,000 revs, climbing with a bit more (taking off with 8,000). I idle now at just over 3,000. Of course the way to get real economy is to turn off and thermal, but I am never as confident as others that it will restart after my engine failure last year. When I DO turn off, I don't often leave it off for building up my confidence.

When I get it back from PB, I need to do some more methodical calculations and get some really reliable data.

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