Sunday, 3 April 2011

Today I more than doubled my hours in the air this year!

"My god, she is beautiful!"
....she burst into life in a split second when I pressed the starter.
I flew for over an hour this morning...out to Ardleigh (on the edge of Colchester), down the River Stour to Harwich, then back to Great Oakley.
The engine sounded great.

I found this old trolley in the hangar and nobody knows who it must belong to, so I have borrowed it. It enables me to push the trike in any direction, so that I can tuck it away without having to do a hairy 27 point turn! The front trolley has been lent to me by John who bought it for his Rans Coyote, but finds that it doesn't work well enough for him on his much heavier aircraft on the uneven floor.

After flying I did some maintenance...checking the valve clearances. The inlet valve needed to be closed by 0.05mm. I have never done this before. As the Dragonfly was by then tucked away, it will be Friday at the earliest before I will know whether the adjustment has affected my engine idle.

Then, Craig and Sam suggested we go to the clubhouse for a coffee, and on the way Sam suggested that if I wasn't in a hurry to go home, I go with them on a jaunt to Damyn's Hall, an offer I leapt at. Unfortunately, Craig had problems with his engine and turned back. Sam and I flew on in his Quik....which really IS bloody quick indeed. Great flying.

A really terrific start to the week!

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