Saturday, 18 September 2010

sunset and sunrise

I was the last one down last night and the first up this morning...and as nobody was about, either time, I did a fair bit of larking about. Completely brilliant to be flying again.

Then I fitted the tacho and saw how dramatically my revs fluctuated close to idle. I fiddled around with settings much of the day and couldn't for the life of me get it sorted. Dave Broom offered to have a look at it at the end of the day, so I hung around, chatting to loads of people. And after all that, it took him less than 5 mins to get it set up. He has got it stabilised a couple of hundred revs above the 3,000 specified.

So, next time I go to Sutton Meadows, I am going to GO more anxious hanging about near the airfield.

(This week I need to solder some spade contacts on to my GPS power supply connector. Fitting that to the auxiliary power supply is the next job for when I go up to SM)

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