Thursday, 30 September 2010

hangar maintenance

Sheltering in the hangar, working on my trike, between trips across the airfield in driving rain to my van to get tools etc, and feeling sick into the bargain, none of the jobs really seemed to go very well last Sunday. All my efforts seemed frustrated ....bolts that wouldn't come un-done, my 10mm spanner being missing, phillips heads in danger of rounding off, etc.

But finally, I got the carburetter off (being careful to photo everything as I did it because this is NOT an easy set-up); packed my bogey wheel bracket with plastic angle pieces (as advised by Ben) to stop wearing the keel; and wired in the gps auxiliary power supply, which didn't draw power when it was done, so presumably the engine has to be running (which I didn't try because I didn't have my prop on, but it makes sense, on reflection).

A tricky part of the re-fitting is going to be threading frayed steel throttle cable through the small hole in that brass cylinder at the top of the groove (see picture).

Suggestions anyone?

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