Friday, 17 September 2010

I am back in the air!

I flew this evening!

I'd spent the afternoon doing a mod on my throttle, which increased its pivot from an M3 to an M5, increasing the surface area of washers etc, so that it won't slip (thank Steve for sending me the drawings). It should have been a simple mod but my pivot bolt had become very slightly distorted and would neither tighten nor undo, so I had to drill it out and file the button head off...with a crappy drill bit (and nothing adequate to pilot the hole as I hadn't anticipated the problem). Anyway, eventually the job was done and I was just packing away when Dave Broom and John Lawrance, who had both just landed, urged me to get some in before sunset. I had to get a move on....but it was worth it!

It was completely glorious!

I am now in the clubhouse at Sutton Meadows and have discovered this computer (wireless generously provided by Dave Broom), so no longer feel quite as cut off; it is deadly quiet here. I forgot to bring my radio. I remembered school stuff, with a view to planning lessons, but am I, 'eck ;)

The plan is to sleep here the night, rise at about 5.30 and rig to fly before sunrise. The winds, which I haven't checked yet, were due to be around 7mph at 7a.m. and rising, so I need to get airborn and back down again and de-rigged before ten to avoid the worst of it.

Crikey, it feels good to be back!

(tomorrow's jobs incl fitting the tacho and checking my power settings)

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