Friday, 24 September 2010

reducing idle revs

There may be a slight delay in the GO SOMEWHERE plan, as Paul Bailey has expressed the view that my rev hunting was due to varnish in my carb, and also Bailey's (confirmed by Ben) say that Flylight now set up revs at 2,500 rather than 3,000- to aid landing on the Dragonfly, as its wing resists coming down at the best of times; so I am reluctant to leave mine at over 3,000.

So, I need to clean my carb, which ought then to make it easier to adjust the tick-over.

A slower idle ought to improve my consumption too, so it is a good way to go.



Colin said...

This 'varnishing' is due to deposits left by evaporating fuel? So once you've cleaned it, and assuming you drain after use, then it's a one-off operation?
How come most carburated engines don't need this? Sounds like a very sensitive Carbie. Hmmm?

Tinworm said...

Yes, Colin, though I think he feels it has happened over long period because it has not been emptied....microlight pilot are not in the habit of doing it....paramotorists do it routinely. I think the jets are meant to be smaller because this engine is a 175. Lots of people agree with your scepticism. But I feel that as he designed the engine and built it, I cannot second guess him, even if others can.

Yes, it is a one time operation, as long as I then drain the carb (very simple) each time I put the plane away.

Tinworm said...

I have the carb open now and am cleaning it. Looks very clean, I have to say...but what do I know? :{