Saturday, 15 May 2010

With a strong cross wind (which one pilot with a app on his phone told me was blowing a hard-to-credit 16knots!) and gusting, landing today was the hardest work I have ever done getting down safely. Shortly afterwards Neill texted to say he was stopping until the wind dropped.

Funny thing is, no sooner had I decided to de-rig than it was teasingly calm - but I soon needed help from Mike, who has a Rans Coyote at Sutton, to do a tricky de-rig and was relieved once my trike was packed away.
No regrets, though. I got a good 50 mins in the air and some good practice landings.

Dave Garrison pulled my leg about my Bill and Ben rotating map-board, but said he liked the idea, which was gratifying, and I met his new student, Matt, who now has 3 hours under his belt...and lots of enthusiasm. As I headed home, it was good to pull up alongside Peter Millbank and have a brief chin-wag.

One of the nice things about flying with a club is the people you meet and the friendliness of the scene.

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