Saturday, 1 May 2010

I wasn't going to fly today, as weather was set to be bad and getting worse. But by this morning, the wind had dropped and was set to be 7mph top. So by 11a.m. I was at Sutton Meadows and rigging up.

I had a terrific afternoon of 4 flights interspersed with chats with Mary Robinson, the friends of a trial flighter, and Andy Fell and his friend and fellow pilot Julia (did I get that right?). "You must be Peter Eveleigh", he said, shaking my hand. He knows me from this blog! I know him from seeing him a lot on the BMAA forum.

I did a bit of thermalling and am not sure I like it, really. It is too buffety and unpredictable for me, but at one point I was doing 700' per minute!

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