Saturday, 22 May 2010


Pleased with myself. I have flown to Sackville and back, sans GPS (which impressed some of the old boys who wouldn't be without it).

This was also a landmark flight for three reasons which matter to me:

  • I switched my engine off at about 3,000 feet - sort of to reassure myself about it I have been a bit anxious since my engine failure.
  • I flew back from Sackville to Sutton Meadows with my undercarriage retracted.
  • I used my new Microavionics extension cables, which enabled me to mount my radio on the trike keel, just behind the retract cleat. I now have several key frequencies saved by name...and these can be scrolled through easily.
The winds were light, certainly, but that is deceptive because it was very thermic up to about three thousand feet, where it was gloriously smooth. I rested my ankles on the pegs and flew with fingertips.

Wind shear at take-off was horrible and flying below three thousand was a fight....and quite a scary one at times.

Perhaps my next landmark will be learning to exploit that lifty air rather than fighting it?

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