Saturday, 8 May 2010

Mea Culpa! Haven't entered up my logbooks with the flights I did the other day! That is the most mundane news....but it's all I've got....except that I have ordered a 1.5m extension cable from Microavionics, to enable me to move my radio further forward, though I am not sure to where.

Possibly mount it between my legs, where the protrusion will be not unlike a rather impressive willy (and will doubtless draw comment), or perhaps mounted to the right of my binnacle or even to the right of my right leg (see sketch), where the settings can be easily changed. Had thought about fixing something under my seat-cushion, so that sitting holds it down. This arrangement is similar to those folding side desks sometimes fitted to chairs in lecture theatres.

So far I have had my radio in my top pocket, paramotorist-style, but when I pull the bar in it sometimes hits buttons, causing alarming beeps, which accidentally changed my channel on my last that I heard someone in "my" overhead who turned out not to be there. I need to be able to see my channel read-out clearly and to be able to change channels and other settings easily. Incidentally, a golfing or ikea pencil is very useful for pressing buttons when wearing gloves. On the Quantum I kept a pencil on a piece of string and secured the pencil itself to my chart with velcro.

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