Sunday, 9 May 2010


oh resolve may be faltering.

I may be on the point of going for a GPS system, having always felt that a real pilot should be a good navigator.
NATS have developed a GPS system specifically to alert pilots to possible airspace incursions. The basic AWARE system is £150...which includes regular free updates on airspace restrictions etc....and if you include the extra navigational features, is £250.

I won't go into detail here because other sites will do that better. But I like the touch screen nav features and the fact that it is altitude sensitive, so won't alert you to CAS which is below 0-3000' if you are at 4,000'...but which has a 500' buffer (above and below), so that if you are only just above the airspace, you will still be alerted. I like the read-out at the bottom which tells you where you are (in case you need to give position reports)

The BMAA is pro-Aware. Here is the Aware detail and here is a review.

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