Sunday, 17 January 2010

propeller beanie

When I was a kid growing up in Africa, we could only get American comics...and one of them featured a cartoon kid wearing a propeller beanie and I WANTED ONE!!! That was about 35 years ago, so when I spotted this on eBay and ordered myself one and one for Lizzie (so she wouldn't feel left out) I think I had forgotten that I am no longer a kid.

Lizzie humoured me, but I
doubt she will ever wear it. And I don't know if people will consider me a safe person to have on an active airfield if I wear mine at Sutton Meadows. Steve Wilson managed to politely ignore it when he saw me wearing it at Rougham as I rigged my wing...but at least he and I were the only people within miles.

But I HAD to have it.

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