Sunday, 17 January 2010

One Hundred Percent!

Finally, flying weather....a full month after my last flight, and hopefully not only is the weather going to be easier on me now, but having my plane hangared at Sutton Meadows should make rigging a heck of a lot easier too.

Not only will I be spared the shuttling of cars in the road to ensure a convenient parking space for loading, then spared the hour of loading the next morning, the need of a friend or neighbour's help in getting my wing on the van and the wing rigging and de-rigging at the airfield, but now I have also freed up the front room (somewhat) and space in the back; and will be able to shut the communicating door and keep the heat in.

Going flying should be a lot easier. I can now just grab my flying kit and helmet (plus miscellaneous bits and pieces in a box, and jump in the car. The hour plus in the car each way is more than made up for.

I was ploddingly slow with my wing rigging today, for two good reasons: firstly, everyone was so friendly and I had lots of conversations with fellow enthusiasts, including Peter and Mary Robinson, who I have been talking to for the last month, as we have sought a gap in the weather for installing my plane. They own the airfield and were very hospitable. That sort of thing really matters at an airfield. They, and Peter and Renate, and Nick and Brian, and a student called Reza (originally from Persia) all made it a very pleasant day. Secondly, because I was waiting for the wind to drop, which it did in the early afternoon. Just as well, as I'd been told in the morning that it was 30mph at 2,000'.

Rigging the trike went very smoothly, I am glad to say. I must email Ben and tell him that his modifications and adjustments worked.

I bimbled for 55 minutes, mostly around 1500'. My obalob method of navigation worked gratifyingly well, I was delighted to find. I landed, then flew one more circuit. Dave Broom tells me that there are no restrictions on circuits and beat-ups at Sutton, which is good news, because I want to practise my hand throttle control at low height....something like ten feet...and I want to get Lizzie to take some shots of me flying past with wheels up.

That was the best thing about my flight -I retracted my undercarriage and had an uneventful landing when I put the gear down again. Must tell Ben that, too.

But the absolute highlight of the day was Lizzie getting 100% in her Air Law exam; I am very proud if her!

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