Thursday, 7 January 2010

Flight for Life

After I started a thread on the BMAA forums asking people if they knew of any programmes, films etc about microlighting, having just enjoyed re-watching "The Dream" with Lizzie, Nick Axworthy wrote to me to say that a chap called Bobby Tomlinson had just sent him some old videos free of charge and that he would send me a copy of a TV programme called "Flight for Life" (1994), featuring Ben Ashman and Judy Leden's venture to fly ...

"from England to Jordan in memory of a young friend who had recently died of lung cancer - Jasmin Saudi. Prior to her death Jasmin had invited the pair to fly in her homeland of Jordan. Proceeds from the sale of a video to mark the flight, which went to the Cancer Research Campaign, had passed the £100,000 mark in less than a year." [source]

Nick said he would be making a donation to the charity, and as he very kindly sent me a copy, I shall be doing the same. Quite apart from anything else, this charity has poignancy for me as my step-father died of cancer only a year after Ben and Judy's venture.

Ben told me about this expedition a year or so ago and I have been longing to watch this film, so many thanks to Bobby and to Nick. I am not sure of the legalities of having a copy, but as I don't think the recording is readily available, and as I shall be making a donation, hopefully Nick's generosity won't get either of us in any hot water and will benefit others, as was the original point of its production.

Thanks very much, Nick

While searching for sources for this entry I found a microlight based group started to raise funds for cancer charities, also called Flight for Life. It is run by Les Field, Tony Parr and Jacqui Parker and was originally set up in honour of their friend, Craig Hyder:

When Craig Hyder, who had just been diagnosed as terminally ill from cancer, suggested to his friends that they could raise money for charity by flying long distance in microlights they said yes. The only problem was they had never flown before. Since their first lesson in 2003 the flight for life team has raised over £30,000.

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