Thursday, 6 August 2009

I did it!

Thinking it out - I have been thinking of different routes for a month, as weather has forced me to postpone several times.

Above is laminated crib-sheet of Hdgs(T) which I put in my see-through pocket, just in case, but which I didn't need to refer to.

My legs

Triangles of velocities to work out the effects of wind on headings and speed at the planning stage

G-CEGJ parked up at Sutton Meadows, where I landed on runway 01, having originally planned to land on 23
( I had taken off on Sywell's 23 with a cross wind). The change of plan was a sensible response to the wind sock at Sutton; the wind had veered....Though I nearly got confused by a signal square which hadn't been changed, as there was nobody there.

I did it!

More about this later....but for now, I have done my final cross country....of 72 miles.....and am now a fully qualified pilot!

As soon as my restricted licence arrives -a process which cannot be forestalled now that the CAA cogs are turning - I shall send off my Form 102 to de-restrict. No problem waiting though, because I am off to Cornwall for a few days, so wouldn't have been itching to fly anyway...and as yet, need to collect my wing from Flylight.


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