Wednesday, 19 August 2009

The variety in the quality of training is a revelation

I had to ring Neill this morning just to thank him again for the quality of my training, having talked to another pilot yesterday who, like me, recently finished his licence, though at a different airfield - one in the South. We met this chap at Davidstowe. He was on holiday in Cornwall, and like me had popped in there to see what it was like, shoot the breeze with "fellow pilots" etc.

He seemed embarrassed to have done his licence in 41 hours; I didn't tell him how many more I had done - far too embarrassing. But once we had talked and he had admitted to still finding landing difficult, I realised the benefits of my more thorough education. But what astonished me more than anything was that this chap said he had done ALL his course flying on GPS, including his GST, and I think he meant his cross country qualifiers too! He admitted that he had punched in the wrong airfield when asked, on his GST, to find his way back to base, and had been oblivious for quite some time to the fact that he was flying in completely the wrong direction.

Meeting this chap has really opened my eyes to the fact that not everyone will have been as well taught as I was at Sywell. Neill has always said that he wants me to have the benefit of his experience, not just the bare minimums required by the syllabus. Consequently I am really well prepared to fly the nest.

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