Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Inspired by this chap's efforts, I have been making a similar support at the front of my van to hold up the front of my ladder (wing support), which will stretch the length of my van, but I have designed a bracket, pretty much on the hoof, which unlike his, will allow me to open the bonnet with my roof-rack in place. Granted the welding is crappy, but I think the concept is sound.

The bracket will be clamped to a lip inside the engine bay, beneath the bonnet. There is plenty of clearance to allow the bonnet to close. I have used a hole which is already there on both sides, but will put in two other holes on each side. A vertical will slot into the bracket and be either bolted or cotter & split pinned in place (the more temporary solution). I am pretty certain this system will not break any rules, but may well take the precaution of removing the bracket for MOTs, and may well remove the ladder and front support anyway, when not in use.

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