Monday, 10 August 2009

I have my flying licence!

It came in the post this morning. Granted, it is a restricted one and I am qualified for the lifting of the restriction, so that no sooner does it arrive than it is due to be sent off again, but it is exciting nonetheless.

People are right, it is a decidedly unimpressive document. You fancy it will be something grand like a passport - stiff, gold-leafed, crested and important looking, when it is just a few sheets of folded paper slotted in a plastic wallet, a little like a driver's licence counterfoil.

Looks like my design and bookbinding skills will have to be brought to bear on this one. I saw a hard backed, embossed 1930s licence, with loosely stitched-in inserts at an evening show at Shuttleworth recentl. I wish I had bought it now.

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