Monday, 29 December 2008

Today I flew my first aeroplane for the first time

The thing about flying the Dragonfly for the first time is that you can't be "checked out" on the type because there is no second seat; nobody can come round with you on your first circuit to make sure you are happy with the controls. You just have to listen carefully to instructions then climb in and apply all you have learnt.

And that is what I did today......completing 1hr 35 in it.

It is a fantastic feeling flying your first ever aeroplane for the first time (nice bit of alliteration for a lesson there).

More later, but right now I am off to The Aviator for a drink with Neill!


pete said...

great blog!

enjoyed reading it.

I was looking at getting a dragonfly before the financial crisis..... oh well.

Tinworm said...

Thanks pete
Nice to know it gets read at all! :)

I have now done 4hrs 50 on the Dragonfly and it is just superb! I enjoyed the seeing stars (thud) hahaha on your profile.