Thursday, 11 December 2008

My first aeroplane!

Looking a bit of a gumbie...but the suit matches!

Cath in her unique, electric-blue Dragonfly (with electric undercarriage) behind me in G-CFKK

here, a bald gumbie!

Cath at Flylight has confirmed that my final payment has been received, so I now own G-CFKK
I still haven't blogged last week's flying, which included Neill's demo of a power failure in which he got the GT450 all the way back to Sywell from Northampton. An extraordinary bit of flying....or so he tells me ;)


gerard said...

so envious looks great i am flying a ctsw, solo now working towards my gft but when done i suspect i will be flying a dragonfly keep blogging about what its like to own / fly


Tinworm said...

Hi Ged. Good luck with that....sounds like we are sort of at the same stage. keep in touch (email above). I actually flew the Dragonfly again on Monday and it felt like the most natural thing in the world. Went up without instruments or radio....really slimmed down aviating. Superb!