Tuesday, 2 December 2008

This is where I came in!

Here's the film that first made me aware of the Dragonfly.

and here, Ben Ashman, its designer, provides interesting commentary over some more mouth-watering footage, which also features the aeroplane flown engine-off. It has record-breaking soaring capabilities.

and just watch how tightly packed it goes in this

Hey, cool, I just realised that the actual aeroplane in the user's guide is mine!

What is particularly sexy about the design, and which becomes apparent from watching the film, is that the undercarriage retracts manually, by the pull of a coded cord activating an ingenious mechanism. This has the added advantage that the entire trike unit can be "short-packed" so that it will fit into the back of a car - with the wing carried on a roof-rack. I really think it should be featured as a gadget on the next Bond film.

I aim to make a short stop-motion film of it assembling "itself", as WA116, Little Nellie, was seen to do in
"You only Live Twice"

The newest development is an electric retract, which I am going to fit to mine.
Here is Ben Ashman's film of the system being tested out on Cath Vickers' blue Dragonfly.

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