Monday, 1 December 2008

A Fantastic Day

Absolutely brilliant day today. This is just a brief bulletin for now, as I have to do some planning for school and ironing for the morning....

After my second solo

I flew brilliantly, my best so far....especially my final solo circuit of three, which I felt totally on top of, despite some very rough air....

(sorry, when you feel this chuffed it is hard to be modest)

Judy Ledden

Then, Ben offered me a deal I couldn't refuse and I am buying the red Dragonfly that Judy Ledden test flew. In fact, if I can get together all the top pilots who have flown this very one recently, it will make a great shot, all of them standing under its wing: including Neill Howarth , Ben Ashman, Paul Dewhurst, Stewart Bond and Dave Price.


An absolutely fantastic day!

More about it later

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