Sunday, 5 October 2008

Waterproof on the inside

Today I discovered that my boots are only waterproof on the inside. They hold water very well. I squelched into the hangar and poured gallons out of my boots into a bucket. My suit stood up well but my tank bag let in water. Damn.

It was a miserable ride in torrential rain, the whole bloody hundred odd miles. And my horn kept going off, so either the toggle switch is loose or I think my new battery may be shorting. Don't really understand these things. Mind you, it was terrific having it fire up instantly for a change.

Neill said, "If he comes in this, he really is committed", so I suppose I must be. We spent the morning doing ground school, as the rain continued lashing down. It has stopped now and is gusting, but if I am to fly later I really must try and get my head down now. Been up since 5; it is now 2pm. Knackered already.

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