Tuesday, 7 October 2008


I managed to get myself really wound up yesterday because I have been doing myself no favours by comparing notes with others over soloing...and that exchange with Pete the Plane Crasher made it worse. However, I was encouraged to learn later that he actually soloed quite a long time after 30 hours, and Neill says I will be a lot safer once I do. That was very encouraging, as was the fact that Neill hadn't soloed by now either, and he is now a superb pilot. It is meaningless to compare notes because we all learn at our own rates.....and look how far I have come in only about 8 weeks.

Being even notionally competitive or self-critical over when you solo is a ridiculous obsession, when you think about it....not least of all because when you are doing it, you are putting yourself under pressure which is bound to affect performance.

Everyone has been at my stage....within an inch of getting it all right, over and over again. Consistency is the name of the game; the skills necessary to solo are all in place already. I have to do 20 good landings in a row. One duff one will zero my score. It is all about consistency.

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