Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Hero Worship

I was in the office with Stew, Neill and Cath and overheard what was obviously a private conversation between Stew and Neill, so tried to be discreet and got chatting to Cath. Stew was saying how much he appreciated Neill, that they had really clicked and how much he valued his dedication....and when he covered his eyes and Cath handed him a tissue I realised the bastards were parodying my blog!

But, sod it, I am not editing the eulogy out, even if it makes it sound like I fancy Neill! It is in my make-up to look up to mentors. I have seen it before, like when I did my intensive bike licence course, when I took up fencing in earnest or when I learnt Tai Chi in the US....

...well, no, maybe that last one isn't a good example, as I fell in love with her and we got engaged!

I just have a healthy respect for people who know more than me about anything that interests me, the more so when they are very good at something that I want to be able to do well, and which I know from experience is hard.


Later, Neill's family was visiting Flylight and he bribed Cath (who is a merciless piss-taker) with chocolate, not to say or do anything that might embarrass him. I cellotaped a sign across my front saying "My Hero" (with a left arrow and right arrow - one of which could be covered by hand) and crept up and stood next to him in the hangar, and the whole gathering of in-laws, aunts, nieces etc cracked up.

(Maybe next time I will get chocolate too)

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