Sunday, 12 October 2008

Farm money saved

The day started badly, a one hundred mile ride through dark and fog, which is fine in a car with demisters and wipers, but on a bike it means condensation inside your visor and inside your specs too....and you can't get to either too easily at 70mph. One option is to hold your breath; not a good option.

So anyway, my first slot was cancelled due to fog, which covered the airfield, but had eventually cleared in time for my second slot at 1pm, after I'd had time to drop my saddle bags at the B&B and get my key - so no need to rush there at sunset if anyone wants to pub it. I also got a pastie and tin of soup at the co-op for tonight (kitchens not open on a Sunday).

While we were fog-bound Neill briefed me on unusual attitudes and dangerous manoeuvres; Ex.15 on the syllabus. It is so serious business that he gave me a call last night and primed me to read up on it in advance. The stated Aim is "To recognise potentially dangerous conditions of flight and to recover safely from unusual attitudes."

Basically, either you get these recoveries right or you have your wings ripped off and you buy the farm. Luckily, I did well and the farm money can go towards my first aeroplane instead. I won't have to do it again until the GST revision.

I am due in circuits from 5pm until sunset. Bugger....I added another good landing this pm and now have to do 17 more. It seems such a large number to get right.

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