Sunday, 7 August 2011

Pre-mix tank markers

Those of us who run two strokes need to mix oil in with our petrol, and one problem is having jerry cans standing around with fuel in them but not being sure whether they already have oil mixed in. Some people write the mix on the side of their tanks, but there is the danger then that you might assume they have been oiled when they have only just been re-filled. Of course, you don't want to be using someone else's fuel, but it could happen.

Equally, you might forget whether you have oiled your own (trust me, I am entirely capable of forgetting) or get confused if you have several cans used at different times. So I have developed a system, which you might find useful.
I have a velcro strip which I loop round the can handle. It is reversible. Black square showing means "oiled". When I refill my tank with unleaded I unfasten the loop and reverse it so the square is inside the loop. I do this straight away.

Only after I have added oil do I reverse the loop to show the black square.

You need some black sticky-backed velcro and some white sew-on (or non-sticky backed). Make sure that one colour is "hook", the other is "eye". Cut a rectangle of black and stick it to the back of the white strip, on the end (for securing) and stick a square of black sticky-backed velcro in the middle of the back of the white strip (for marking). The black rectangle is always sandwiched, so should never be confused for the square.


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