Sunday, 7 August 2011

I may be cured!

A whole series of engine failures on the Dragonfly made me scared of flying too far from home, so that I have hardly done anything but bimble the last two years. But yesterday's expedition may have cured me. I want to start really reaching out further afield.

Priorities now:

1 Sort out radio problems
2 Wire gps to the mains

3 keeping gps largely in reserve, I want to really develop my dead reckoning. This is an area I have always wanted to be really good at. I think I did well getting to Haverhill yesterday by just reading the map and ground.


Sam said...

You did really well getting to Haverhill !!! How did it go after that prior to turning on GPS ?? ;-)

Tinworm said...

eff off, Beardsall, you bastard.

More importantly, how would you get on without GPS?

We learn from our mistakes when we are not afraid to make some ;)