Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Hours flown

I have just been updating my tech log. And at the same time I thought I would work out what hours I did on the Dragonfly. Turns out I only managed 34 hours over one and a half years - or an average of 2hrs per month. So far I have done 9 hrs in the last two months on my Quantum.

So I have more than doubled my average monthly flying, even though I deliberately didn't fly most of July as I had to commit to other projects. Fact is, if I fancy flying, the Quantum can manage much rougher air. I haven't had to endure the endless infuriation of being grounded by weather; though I have been limited by difficult engine starting, which has meant that I tend to fly when Craig is around. But hopefully the new plugs will sort that out, giving me greater independence.

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