Friday, 5 August 2011

Aware+ updates are miraculously easy with an SD card reader!

When I sold my Dragonfly I agreed to leave my auxiliary power wiring (which had powered my Aware+ GPS) in place, so I haven't been using my GPS, not having wired an auxiliary socket on my Quantum yet. Its airspace info needed updating and spent I three miserable hours last night failing to do this with a USB cable connecting the PDA to the PC.....leaving me with a machine which no longer showed maps, just a series of error messages.


So I emailed Airbox and when I got up this morning there was a message from them recommending I use an SD card reader instead. I popped into Maplins to get one, paying 4x what I could pay on ebay, but I needed it quickly. And Hayley from Airbox was absolutely right, using a card reader is miraculously fast. Following her expert advice (several emails were necessary) I updated both the software and the airspace, and am now back in action.

Now that I know it can be done so easily, I shall be updating more religiously.

Many thanks to Hayley Chapman at Airbox for her expertise and patience.

I have planned and saved a route, having watched a tutorial video, which shows you how to do it from a location other than your last known fix (i.e. planning at home, not the airfield). Great stuff.

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