Friday, 24 December 2010

Insurance sorted in ten minutes :)

Talked to Steve, yesterday, about possibly flying Xmas day, which he told me would be the best day for it (a brief respite in an otherwise horrible period of groundedness)...then woke this morning to the awful realisation that my insurance had run out....and the anxiety about the fact that On-Risk have pulled out of aviation....leaving me thinking I'd have to do a lot of schlepping around trying to find an insurer who would handle the great unknown of SSDR.

But I rushed off a quick text to Steve and he told me he gets his with Traffords. Went online. No phone number, just an email address. Emailed them with a "Bugger, have I left it too late?" and ten minutes later I was insured for half last year's premium...and they have included ANY PILOT!

Thanks, Steve, for the recommendation, and thanks to Greg and Tracy at Traffords.

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