Friday, 24 December 2010

A fellow Dragonflyer wins Dragonfly flight :)

Congratulations to fellow Dragonflyer, Steve Wilson, for winning a go in MY Dragonfly with his answer to the competition, in record time!

The object is, amazingly, a 2.2m diameter wheel, one of the first parts of a German WW1 bomber, the
Mannesmann Poll, designed to bomb America. I don't think much else is thought to have actually been built. The wheel was found in a hangar near Koln in 1919. The scale of it is amazing, especially when you look at the wheel and then look at this picture which Steve provided today.

The giant triplane was to have had ten engines and a 6,524 mile range; seems inconceivable, doesn't it, especially at a speed of 80mph! A round trip would have lasted over three days! Hard to imagine having room for bombs as well as fuel.


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