Monday, 11 May 2009

Spitfire over Sywell

Yesterday's highlight for me was a low-level flypast of a MkVb Spitfire, AB919 of the BBMF, over Sywell. I was standing by the tower singing the praises of microlighting to some visitors to Flylight, when I heard the distinctive growl of a Spitfire, hurried forward to get in front of the control tower and saw it then levelling out and heading straight towards me at about a hundred feet, parallel with runway 23.... and saw it roar past, banked over so that we could see the upper surface in glorious detail.

Having just taken off on 05 and into a right hand circuit, Neill had the thrill of talking to the RAF pilot on the radio to confirm his position over Sywell (as he was then the only other aircraft in the circuit)and heard the pilot confirm that he would be passing at below circuit height "in one minute"; Neill then saw his flypast from above.

These images were taken from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight website without permission. I will make a donation, I promise. Please support the BBMF.

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