Saturday, 30 May 2009

all change!

No sooner do I accept defeat than along comes Keith Negal and humbles me with a very generous offer:

"Now to Peter's Dragonfly. When I showed the list of aircraft airspeeds one type of aircraft stood out like a sore thumb. The comment was that, given a strong wind, the Dragonfly could take all day to cross the Channel. I pointed out that given a strong wind the Bleriots probably wouldn't clear the coast. For my part, I shall be flying a Sluka to keep the XLs company and if Peter wants to tag along I drop the revs and mush along at his sort of speed. However, in a French imposed cull we slower aircraft must accept that we are an obvious target."

Given the enthusiastic response to his advert in Microlight Flying he is negotiating an over-flow list to fly to Abbeville instead, as the Calais authorities are sticking to their guns at 100. Funnily enough, Neill suggested today that we fly down to Abbeville informally.

But as it happens, it seems that my slowness may mean I get invited to join Calais, with faster aircraft being asked to volunteer for the longer flight. Either way, I am not going to get my hopes up too much; ce qui sera sera. The more informal the better for me. What I don't want to do is now rush everything, though I will need to look into RT.

I have a grand plan for a commemoration of a great English pilot later in the year, which I will share closer to the date.

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