Friday, 29 May 2009

J'accepter l'inévitable et au moins maintenant je peux arrêter le meurtre de la langue française

As I am sure that the Blériot list is pretty much a fait accompli, I have decided not to entertain almost certainly false hopes and risk being disappointed again later along the line. I have written to the organiser and withdrawn my application. It may be a lame act, which will change nothing, but at least this way closes a frustrating chapter and the pressure will be off:- I can take my time getting my cross country qualifiers under my belt and getting my RT licence, which I would have had to rush, with under two months to go.

There will be other adventures.

Incidentally, as I write, and only 30 hours since I started it, my BMAA thread has had 480 hits. With that much interest and shared frustration at the lack ofinfo, the numbers who have been excluded etc, perhaps one adventure could be an alternative Blériot flight in the spirit of Kev Armstrong's comment that "such kontrol is anathema to us microlight either do it freely or are inclined to do something else."

I am with you, Kev. Suggestions anybody?

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