Thursday, 28 May 2009

Blériot, Non!

I am not happy. Despite having registered my interest on the official website right at the very beginning, and having declared my intentions here in December, it looks like I won't get on the list of pilots cleared for France. Neill isn't on it either. It seems that the French are limiting the numbers of British pilots who can take part.

I do not know how the approved list (organised by Keith Negal over here) is decided but I have now registered in three different places and can't help feeling that it helps to already be in the loop...and clearly, as a newbie, I am not. I see that the usual famous names all managed to be included.

I have written to the organiser, who implies that my low cruise speed may be a factor, but as there were foot launches and Doodlebugs (powered hang gliders) on the crossing in recent years, I wouldn't be the slowest, unless they have been excluded this time, which when you consider that Bleriot was in the first microlight, seems out of the spirit of the occasion.

I am desperately disappointed.

Looks like I will have to just go the following week, when everything has quietened down.

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