Thursday, 1 January 2009

Leaving the nest

Me in a Quantum, taken by Steven Prouse

Tomorrow I am going to do some engine failures in the Quantum, so that Neill can be reassured that if anything goes wrong, I can look after myself outside the circuit. If that goes well, and why shouldn't it (?), I shall go and spend some consolidation time flying around Pitsford in my Dragonfly. Because cloud base has been low recently, I have done ten hours solo in the circuit, but now I am ready and the weather is set to be right for me to venture out on my own.

Another milestone.

This film is of Dragonflying at Pitsford.

Here is my account of my first landing at Pitsford, early in my training.

These two pictures are also of me in the Quantum,
taken by press photographer and fellow flexwing student pilot, Steven Prouse

Thanks Steve

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