Monday, 26 January 2009

flew again, finally!

More about this later. Right now I should be getting to bed, with school in the morning! But I managed to get 2Hrs 35mins of flying in the Dragonfly today, with two landings out at Pitsford, the second of which involved two go-arounds because I had come in too high (I really must get an altimeter and work out exactly the best height for Finals) . On the first I had a very nice chat with Fiona, the lady of the house, who said that I was welcome to camp next to the strip, anytime I liked! Wouldn't that be great? :)

Neill thinks the worst of the winter is behind us! I hope he is right. It was mild today and as far as I could tell, my new heated gloves worked fine. It would take a really cold day to test them properly, though.

It was good to finally meet Mark, who was to have been my instructor, but for the harvest - he is a farmer. He gave me some tips about landing with accuracy. Also, I met his daughter, who is doing the peachiest of work experience placements at Flylight. I wish I had been given that chance when I was at school!

I now want to dedicate any spare time to study, to getting the Nav and Met papers out of the way, so that I am then free to take the GST, as soon as three hours' flying revision are out of the way.

The big push is on.


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