Thursday, 29 January 2009

Hang Glider speedo

At Sywell the other day I brought up the subject of making your own instruments and Stewart mentioned a simple ASI which hang glider pilots have used for years and which sounded elegantly simple. It is called a Hall Airspeed Indicator, and at $23 it costs about an eighth of a Digifly probe (which then needs to be connected to a vario costing another £164!) Put a different way, by getting one of these I can save myself about £230! (though the Digifly has several other desirable functions, like an altimeter - which is something I will still need to get)

Essentially the Hall ASI is a tube with a disc inside it which is raised up a graduated (colour coded) scale by air flowing in through the bottom. The disc is kept upright by a central spindle. Read the link to learn about the colour bands.

I love the fact that SSDR provides the creative pilot with the opportunity to experiment with technologies from other fields. I like the open-minded cross-over between paragliding, hang gliding, etc which is a particular strength of the team at Flylight, who have lots of experience of all aircraft types, from hang gliders and paragliders to Pitts Specials; electric motors, twin engines to jets; parachutes to two axis, flex wing and fixed. They are a versatile bunch.

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