Monday, 10 January 2011

is the Eurostar the flexwing pilot's best fixed-wing?

The following was written for my blog by my former instructor, Neill Howarth:

I am a committed flexing pilot and really got into the light end of flying due to the early flexwings. Having flown them for many years I converted over to fixed wing. It's reasonably simple to do, you already have a licence, air law and hopefully a couple of years of flying experience. Most fixed wings are dull as ditch water as you are so isolated from the outside elements, but the Eurostar (me pictured flying it) is a brilliant compromise between flexing views and fixed wing comfort, performance and usability. A 40 degree turn, right or left descending really does give you a view that rivals a flexing... get out there and try it.

Back to me (thanks Neill). At Sutton Meadows during the summer I heard some kid rubbishing microlights and said, "See that plane there [pointing to a Eurostar], would you be proud of your dad if he flew that?" He said yes and before he could say, "But that's a REAL aeroplane" I flabbergasted him by telling him it is a microlight. They have come a hell of a long way. If you are a ridiculously well-off microlight pilot, you could even go for a Dynamic, which would make any pilot at all salivate.

Dynamic (£60-something grand) - note the absence of undercarriage!

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