Friday, 28 January 2011

Fixed wing conversion

Not the one, but something similar. Ugly, but what a great flier!
Today I flew for an hour with Neill in an AX2000. Nobody would call it a pretty aeroplane by any stretch of the imagination, but what a stable aeroplane it was, despite taking off and landing with a 16kt cross wind which made my planned hour in a Quantum quite impossible. 

I was flying the one hour with an instructor which I will need to have by the end of this year to revalidate my licence. But I now want to go the whole hog and take a 3-axis conversion, which anyone who has been reading my blog could have seen coming.

I am going to sell the Dragonfly to make the conversion and investment in a second hand AX-2000, or similar, possible.

So please get in touch if you have a 3-axis share for sale, are interested in selling one out-right or want to buy (or part exchange for) a Dragonfly (details below)

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