Friday, 21 January 2011


I just got myself a multimeter on ebay for a miraculously low amount and have been testing the continuity in my wiring and it is all sound.

The question now is whether, with EC3s being rated for only 65amps, continuous load, they can survive a start-up which draws as large an amperage as Ben suggested - though I am now reliably informed that the figure suggested would melt everything - so presumably Ben was pulling my gullible leg.

What reassures me is that the wires and spades on the trike are themselves so small...and in fact the EC3 pins seem more substantial than the spades the trike came with.

Baileys are sending me a link to their recommended supplier of connectors, so I may need to reconsider my set-up
. But for now, I'd like to know if I am close to a solution.

Encouraging update.
I have just heard from Bruce at Bailey's and they recommend some components which are rated at 30amps!!

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